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11 style essential must have’s

Like anything in life you must have a good base to build off of, the same goes for your wardrobe. If you want to look impeccable everyday here are 11 items  that are essential for a never fail wardrobe.

Lets start from the inside out, always the best place to start if you ask me.

1. Proper fitting underwear

You MUST have a good variety of undergarments in the proper sizes! Forget what size the label says no one know what size you are wearing except you. Get over the idea that you need to be a certain size; wear the one that is correct for you and you will look better but also feel better.  Make sure  your panties don’t dig in if they do please go up a size or two, nothing looks worse than big dents in your body caused by ill fitting underwear. Also make sure you have a variety of colours it looks awful when you can see a print or a dark colour under lighter coloured clothing. The essentials are skin toned, black and white.

85% of women wear the wrong bra size, shocking I know!

When you wear the proper size it hoists your ladies up, gives them a nicer shape and eliminates back boobs. Wearing a properly fitted bra will also take the pressure off of your shoulders if you are in the larger breast category, in which case a proper bra can actually help save you money on chiropractor adjustments and pain meds, which actually makes not wearing a proper bra size a public health issue.In short having your breast in their proper place will make you look younger and make your clothes fit better and probably make you feel better about your figure.  Bra sizes go from a AA all the way up to HH(which is a far larger range than the big box stores would have you believe)  If you fall in the lager breast category  and you aren’t a plus size woman you may need to go to a specialty bra store such as this store in Toronto.

You can also find a larger range of bra sizes at some the old school department stores such as The Bay and Sears although they may not be as pretty as the ones at the boutiques stores. Yes a proper fitting bra is expensive they are well made and figure flattering and very very very important to help you look and feel your best, think of it as an investment in yourself. Also make sure you have a few bras that can have the straps removed, I detest the look of a racer back shirt and bra straps on shoulders it totally destroys the line of the garment. Make sure you have the appropriate undergarment for the outfit.

here is a guide to a proper fitting bra.,default,pg.html?id=AE

2. Camisoles

Have you ever bought a sheer or lace top and then got home and thought how am I going to wear this? I know some of you including myself, are fine with just a bra but for the rest of you and sometimes for modesty’s sake depending on where you are wearing the garment you need a camisole. It is best to have a variety of them in neutral colours  including flesh tone, white, black, grey and brown. I prefer the ones that aren’t cotton, cotton loses it’s colour, stretches out and looks too much like a tank top, rememebr this is supposed to be an undergarment. Also look for ones that have a lower neckline preferably one that follows your bra line, that way it doesn’t conflict with your outer garment.

3.The white dress shirt

There is nothing nicer or more sophisticated than a clean freshly pressed white dress shirt. A White dress shirt can be worn with anything, it  can be funked up with accessories or used under a conservative suit it is one of the most versatile things in your wardrobe so get one and have fun with it. I would have a variety of these with different collars and body cuts. You can also get your shirts tailored, which I highly recommend doing to  most if no all garments. Generally people are not the exact sizes available in stores even if you think you are, a little tweak can make a world of difference.

4. Jackets

Any good wardrobe needs to have a variety of jackets and coats, ONE WILL NOT SUFFICE! Have you ever seen women walking around weaing a nice dress and then a bomber parka!?…Gasp!!! Or their dated Boxy leather jacket that they wear with everything?…Guacalla!

To pull of any outfit in the spring, fall or winter you need to own a few lengths styles and weights of jackets, that are well tailored .

You will need…..

a. A lovely 3/4 lenghth well fitted trench

b. A wool over coat at least 3/4 length

c. A parka at least 3/4 length like this Peinfeild parka……..(Why 3/4 length? 3/4 length is the average length of most skirts and dresses that way it will not interfere with the line of your outfit.)

d. A stylish fitted leather jacket (not your moms from the 80’s boxy oversized one) Like this one from Zara S/S 2012

e. A great all purpose blazer like this one from Zara S/S 2012 I would do a neutral in this so you have at lease one go to in black navy or Grey and then buy other colours

5. A basic T (no print or with a very simple graphic no pictures)

For a well rounded wardrobe it is essential to have a few really good t shirts both long sleeve and short. These are items that must be replaced regularly as they stretch, wear out, pill and discolour. A basic T can be worn with any item and accessorized to bring it up a few style notches a great white t-shirt can be worn under and with everything it is not just reserved for the gym or  relaxing at home time.

As it is shown here paired unexpectedly with a bright orange evening skirt by Jill Sander.

6. Pants


A well fitted pair of trousers is a style essential they can be worn with anything! Have a few in various colours such as navy, black cream, beige and even in some brighter colours such as green or pink.

b.  Jeans

I know all of you own jeans they are the uniform of the 20th century but not all of you have jeans that work for your body. Go out and get a pair of jeans with a higher waist …no more of this hip hugger bull, and GET YOUR JEANS HEMMED!!!!  There is nothing more unattractive then dog eared jean hems or jeans with too much slouch at the bottom it will make you look shorter and stumpyer. Don’t go with what is trending go with what is right for your body type, you will always look better and more fashionable when you wear what is best for you, that way you won’t look as if the clothes are wearing you.

7. The quintessential little black dress

a great, simple, versatile black dress is as interchangeable as a white dress shirt or plain t-shirt. A little black dress is the perfect backdrop for exaggerated accessories and amazing shoes. You can also easily take one from day to night.

8. Shoes

Yes I know most of you love shoes and have several pairs. But to have a well rounded wardrobe you need to have a few pairs of  classic’s.

a. The classic pump

b. A pair flats

c. Boots…. NOT  UGG(LYS)!!!

d. Evening shoes

e. canvas runners

9. Statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets and belts

Go out and buy a few AMAZING pieces; big bold things that you would never have thought to buy before. These are the things that will change your outfit from ho-hum to BRILLIANT!! Remember it’s all in the details.

10. Bags

Bags are something you need a few of; for both day and night, but also for  each season.

This kate spade clutch is a great day bag

This is a great bag by Hoi Bo and is perfect for a fall winter Day

I Love these Neon beauties, these are perfect for the Spring/Summer

For evening you can go in all sorts of directions

11. A fashion scarf

A scarf is a great way to take a jeans and T-shirt look to another level a scarf in a great colour or with a fantastic print.

Let’s recap… The 11 essential items you need are

1. Proper fitting underwear and bras

2. Camisoles

3. White dress shirts

4. A variety of jackets and coats

5.Plain or tastefully graphic’d T’s

6. Pants (trousers and jeans) that fit well and are suited to your figure, not to what is trendy

7. The little black dress

8. A few pairs of classic shoes

9. Statement jewellery pieces

10. Purses and bags for both day and evening and according to season

11. Fashion scarfs n great colours and prints

If you have a few of each of these items you are sure to have a well rounded wardrobe. Once you have developed a good base you can branch out and buy some more interesting pieces to flesh out your closet.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment and I will try and answer it for you.

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