Blue jeans and glitter

8 wardrobe mistakes men make and how to upgrade your style.

Ok Boy’s! Your partners deserve better dressed boyfriends; SERIOUSLY!! and I’m gonna tell you how to be one … Remember troops, men’s style isn’t rocket science it’s all in the details less is more

Avoid these fashion faux pas at all costs!

1. Stained, yellowed, pilled shirts/sweaters/T’s anything really if it’s not 100% toss it. it

White shirts and T’s need to be replaced yearly every 2 years at the most. The necks stretch out on T’s the armpits yellow and collars stain on both T’s and shirts. If you don’t separate your whites in the wash then they also grey.

Make this a habit, bright white GOOD! Yellow, dingy BAD!

There is nothing more stylishly simple and sexy than a freshly laundered crisp white shirt.

2. Badly fitted suits, pants and shirts. know your size and get things TAILORED!!!!

a badly fitting suit  does’n make you look BAD(ass) it just makes you look plain bad, dumpy and ammeture. Yes, ladies love a man in a suit but only if you look good in it, owning a suit doesn’t make you James Bond. Do yourself a favour and get it fitted it costs way less than you think and the payoff will be worth it. Look at the shoulders, the lenghth of the sleeves and the cut of the body if it hangs off of you like a cape it’s the wrong size. Hem your pants to the appropriate length. Pant hems with too much crease make you look short and also lazy.  Remember; though mens clothing styles don’t change as drastically as women’s do every season/year; fits do change. If you want to look current and well dressed you need to be aware of the style nuances and remember a well tailored man is always in fashion.

3.get out of the old box of only wearing blue, black,brown and beige.

Start wearing some colour it will not make you look silly or emasculate you, in fact it will do the opposite; women will be attracted to your confidence and sense of style. Just make sure you choose colours that are suited to your skin tone. I’m not talking about dressing head to tow in  aubergine I’m talking about subtle hits of colour and pattern. such as socks ties and  pocket squares. and also mixing some larger colourful items such as shirts sweaters and pants and coordinating them with your usual pallet. Think of inserting colour into your wardrobe as  expanding your assets, not starting from scratch.

If you have trouble understanding colour and how to wear it refer to my previous post on the subject

4. Hoodies as the only layering item

Hoodies are fine in moderation and as a staple mixed among other layering pieces; AS LONG AS, they are the right size and are clean and not too aged or over logo’d. There are many other options for layering that do the trick and make you look stylish and feel cozy at the same time. Such as Cashmere pull overs and cardigans, layers of shirts and  denim jackets or even a hoodie in another type of material like chambray  or waxed cotton, also jackets in different shapes and styles etc. Just stay away from over the top branding and fabric treatments like crazy denim washes. You don’t want to look like one of these guys.

5. Only having one oversized over worn coat with a sports team or over sized logo on it.

Leave this one on the trails or ski slope

Leave this to the hunters. I’m all for army and surplus wear but in moderation and not in over the top camo like this one.

Just like with women’s style you need to have an array of coats and jackets for different seasons and occasions. Including an over coat, trench coat, a well fitted leather jacket  a denim jacket and a few sports coats. Tip Camel, Taupe and Navey are always a good choice when it comes to coats.

6. Accessorizing or lack there of.

Yes I know that these are expensive and that they keep the sun out really well; and I know you think you look like a cyborg which in your mind is Bad ass but I’m telling you NO NO NO!! There is a reason that these are used as costumes in movies, they are over the top and ridiculous looking.

Most dudes idea of accessorizing is a dingy cap, a pair of Oakley’s and maybe a cool watch. The truth is b/c mens style is simple and best kept that way (so you don’t look like one of those Jersey shore jokers covered in logos see picture above) The only real way to make a look your own is through the accessories. Keep the quality high, think cost per wear not how much it costs upfront. Buy classic good design; that way you will be able to get years of use out of it. When selecting accessories make sure they are the right fit for your face and head. Sunglasses have a trick to them the top of the glasses is supposed to follow your brow line. Don’t buy them because your buddy has them or you read some “COOL” stats on the design, buy them b/c they are functional and they look good on your face. you don’t want to look like a douche either; so experiment a bit. Again simple is best, good quality and good simple design, always! Stick with the classics…and now a days you can find the classics made in really great colours and with new interesting materials.


I have a freakish obsession with mens shoes…it’s not a fetish or anything I just get really upset when I see a beautiful man in a great suit with BAD SHOES!!! and I get really excited when I come across beautiful mens shoes. Remember men it’s all in the details, shoes finish the outfit and beautiful ones are a definite lady catcher. Bad shoes are a serious turn off almost as bad as white sport socks or keeping your socks on during sex BAD BAD BAD! I’m gagging thinking about it.

C0mfort is important and I promise you in well designed shoes you will find both comfort and style; function and form in equal measure. Look for round or almond toes, good leather, stitched soles and a little bit of interest. ALWAYS QUALITY!!! remember cost per wear.

8.Bad hair

Hair is an important part of style. It finishes your look and makes you look put together if done correctly. Now I know half of you stallions do nothing with your hair while the other half do too much.

Good hair like anything in good style is about simplicity,  not over worked. A really good mens hair style like a really good suit can stand the test of time; classics are best. Like anything there are a few tricks you need to learn how to do, including using a blowdryer and a brush and styling products. Next time you are at the stylist ask them to show you how, you can also watch tutorials on You Tube or on style blogs. Tip, remember natural is best and use styling products only in moderation you don’t want a helmet hair-do, Less is always more. As our beautiful men below will show.

Lets recap shall we?

1. Clean white shirts. Replace them often and treat them with care.

2. A well tailored suit; Always buy as close to your size as possible then have it professionally tailored to you. In fact have everything tailored.

3. Colour; add colour into your wardrobe with accessories, then move up to bigger pieces.

4. Layers; buy  some items that can be layered think of colour texture and varied materials to create comfort and interest.

5 Coats and jackets; Make sure you have a few good coats and jackets to go with a variety of outfits and seasons. Keep the sports wear on the field, court or mountain.

6. Accessories; learn to accessorize with good quality, simply designed pieces that are interesting and modern yet can also be a classic. And that look good one you, not sure ask a few women around you at the store.

7. Shoes; look for clean lines, classic design, sleek fit and quality craftsmanship.

8 Hair; learn to style your hair get some good classic styling tips, volume is very important and remember less is more. Also know you can’t get a good hair style right out of the shower you need to spend some time with the blow dryer and a brush.

I hope you found this helpful leave me a comment or question if you like I’ll answer them as quickly as I can.


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7 thoughts on “8 wardrobe mistakes men make and how to upgrade your style.

  1. Good job mama, great recap on how our men should present themselves 🙂 Loe the socks & accessories! Where are the socks from mama J?

  2. Give us a feature on men’s underwear. Also, 11 great tips on making your bald head look fabulous. Also – Fat is Fab and how to look Fatulutely Fatulous! Your site makes me wanna have a body transplant.

    • you made me laugh out loud “flatulently fabulous” Love it. all great ideas and I may borrow them ifyou don’t mind.
      thanks for the comments.
      and I was jus thinking about larger men and style this morning. Great style isn’t about your size of suit or your pocket book it’s about communicating who you are and anybody of any size can do that. it’s all in the swagger.

  3. Also, summer is coming! (speedos please!)

  4. Tatiana on said:

    I loved it so much, that I’m sending this to all holt’s menswear buyers and in fact to everybody at work 🙂 believe it or not, I’m now buying HR brand – shirts, ties, socks, scarves, sweaters etc – it’s great inspiration to me!!! You are the best!

    • Aww thanks Tats 🙂
      Congrats btw thats fantastic news!!!
      I think I am definitely going to keep blogging about mens wear who knew that men would like this so much 🙂 it’s my most viewed post yet. Thanks for the support and I’m glad it was of use to you .

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