Blue jeans and glitter

12 Icons of Mens style

Below are men past and present, fictional and non that have inspired greatness in style.

This list is not in order of best style, each of these men bring a different and exceptional flair to their personal looks which are all on par with each other and all can be incorporated into your own personal style, on various occasions.

Note the emphasis on good hair …and that doesn’t mean bald is bad…it just menas accepting it and making the look your own. A comb over is NEVER a good look.

1. James Dean

For his manly/boyish style and his part in making denim the uniform of today. And of course his fabulous hair.

2. Cary Grant

For is dapper tailored look a suave disposition.

3. Elvis (The early years)

For his great hair and his combination of preppy and rock and roll style.

4. The Beatles

For their style evolution from preppy and clean cut to psychedelic and relaxed. Also for making the band jacket an icon of style.

5. James Bond

Must I say more??

6. Tom Ford

For his classic perfectly tailored suit and shirts worn in a relaxed and sexy way

7. Kanye West

For his Brave use of accessories colour and pattern and his ability to layer and combine textures so successfully.

8. David Beckham

For his influence on mens hair styles and his ability to go from clean cut  to casual, with long or buzzed hair and still look put together and gorgeous.

9. George Clooney

Because he just gets better with age, both looks and style. And his refusal to wear makeup and be re-touched when he is shot in photographs.

10. Pharrell williams

For his skater meets hip hop meets preppy aesthetic.  He is simply good.

11.Robert Redford

For his rugged looks his manly style and ability to rock a turtleneck. And his great Ginger/blond hair.

12. Lenny Kravitz

For his Sexy Rock and roll look and fantastic hair

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