Blue jeans and glitter

5 simple but effective mens accessories

As I have stated before mens clothing should be simple and well made and is best kept that way; but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with awesome accessories while still being manly. Accessories are what make an outfit stand out, you can take a jeans and whit t-shirt look over the top (in a good way) with a funky scarf or a great necklace and a few pins.

1. One of my favourite mens accessories is a boutonniere or a lapel pin , No they are not only reserved for weddings and after 6 black tie events. Boutonnieres can add a little bit of interest to an other wise boring outfit.  I’m not talking about over the top gigantic flowers and colours I’m talking subdued simple flowers and other materials like feathers and army pins. to draw the eye up to your face and brighten up your outfit, keep it simple, elegant and interesting.

2. Bow ties and Neck ties are a fantastic way to make an outfit stand out ..but be ware there are bad ties and there are good ties and they are not equal. Always look for natural fibres, silk cotton etc.. NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES buy a tie with a cartoon character on it. Look for classic prints and fabrics such as sear sucker, stripes, floral and plain silk ties. I am partial to cotton ties myself…the less shine the better.

3. Another look that I love that is very European (in a good way) is a printed scarf in a lovely natural fibre, such as linen cotton or silk. Look for nice textures, prints such as florals and geometrics and colour.

4.One accessory that is a time tested classic is a great hat; and you can go in any direction with this one from a funky fabric ball cap to a a fantastic straw wide brimmed hat or a fedora. Go out try a few or a hundred on choose one that suits your face and head and go for it! And have fun with it!

5. Watches are a really great accessory for men, they are collectable and if you stick with classic design and buy a really good quality one  then you can use them for years. I always notice a really beautiful watch on a man.

Just to re-cap

1. lapel pins and boutonnieres are a really great way to spruce up an outfit and to draw some interest up to your face.

2. Bow ties and neck ties are a really great way to make an outfit stand out, choose ones in natural fibres such as cotton or silk and with classic prints/designs stay away from jazzy prints overly shinny fabrics and cartoons. Also assess what your outfit looks like ..if you are wearing a classic black summer weight wool suit then a sharper silk tie will work it you are wearing a more casual cotton or linen suit then a more casual matter fabric  with an interesting print will look best.

3. Scarfs are a wonderful way to bring colour texture and a laissez fair quality to your look. buy a bunch of them for all seasons in geometrics, florals , plain fabrics with textures, tribal prints and more classics like a great Hermes print.

4. Hats are a great way to show off your confidence and style know how. Don’t be afraid to test out the gamete of styles available also try out different materials such as straw; and prints such as gingham and floral.

5. Wrist watches are always a classic and a great finisher to any outfit …think of these as an investment and always go for quality and classic design that are both functional and beautiful.  Maybe even try delving into the wonderful world of vintage and vintage military watches…there are some really amazing ones out there.

hope to see all of you dapper dudes out there sporting some new fashion forward but classic accessories.


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4 thoughts on “5 simple but effective mens accessories

  1. Great post as usual!!! I ABSOLUTELY love that divine watch by Biegert & Funk. So much so I signed up for an update when it releases in Fall!!! Oh my! WHo says its boring to be a man!!!

    • I know it’s so stunning I want to get one for my guy too 🙂 I totally agree being a stylish man if you think out of the box is spectacular!! It’s all about the details!

      • I was thinking more along the lines of one for me, haha! and then maybe one for the house. I prefer this much better than that incessant ticking from old clocks, always feels like I’m being pressured by time, haha!

  2. love the last watch

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