Blue jeans and glitter


Have you ever wondered why some people look so effortlessly stylish and put together? Have you ever wondered how you can pull that off with the same elegance and ease? I intend to fill in the gaps, give you concrete information on the basic rules of dressing to impress  and then show you how to break them and create your own unique personal style. 

I am a former fashion stylist with  more than a decade of fashion styling/design under my belt. I am a beautyophile and a self proclaimed design geek; I am obsessed with GREAT design in all facets. I love love love fashion and my biggest passion is sharing what I know with other people (you) 

This blog is a collection of things I have learned about style, and a few of the things I just love. For the most part this blog is about style and how to incorporate said style into your life, but it is also a collection of stories and ideas from which you can take what you will.

Hopefully you like what you see and read and I sincerely hope you find it infinitely useful.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts, stories and ideas. If you like what you have read so far don’t forget to subscribe to my blog either by the follow button at the top of the page, or through email updates; you can find the email subscription bar to the right.  You can also like me on Facebook to get notices of contests offers and other fun stuff, and you can follow me on Twitter  to get exciting updates and other incredibly amazing stuff!

If you want to contact me you can reach me at

Thanks for taking the time to stop by hope to see you again

Glitter Girl T.O

 X O


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Tess Hamilton on said:

    By the way, your blog is lovely. Thank you for sharing this and for being such a design geek. xox

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